Finanse osobiste są grą, której nie można wygrywać każdego dnia, ale dzięki której możliwe jest uwolnienie się od naszego finansowego uzależnienia.
Marek Lipiński
Działamy pod hasłami inwestycyjnej przedsiębiorczości, poszukując jednocześnie sposobu na postępującą demokratyzację zamożności, która jest dla nas jeszcze jednym wspólnym celem.
Włodzimierz Bogucki - a new model for financial services group is a new financial services group created in Poland in December2011 by Wlodek Bogucki and Marek Lipinski, two experienced professionals, with an objective to offer a combination of unique activities in Poland and other Central European countries.


The offering of includes the following basic lines of products and services:

  • financial portal: investment manager pre-screened and translated articles and reports from daily press, investment houses, internet media and other paid sources;  
  • investment club: a fee based exclusive forum dedicated to private members and corporate executives interested in personal finance and investment strategies, including weekly recommendations for active asset allocation and product selection;
  • trading platform: a bespoke solution giving access to selected ETFs and foreign exchange market;
  • family of insurance wrappers: a selection of strategies for investors with 5 different risk profiles designed for retail clients of a pan-European insurance house;
  • open mutual funds: a portfolio of globally complementary strategies addressing investment needs and interests of the local investors;
  • financial academy: open educational programmes focusing on personal finance, asset allocation, business management and entrepreneurial activities;
  • online boutique: a line of proprietary financial products including books, board games and specialised software;
  • “Cup of Finance”: financial bistro with distinctive design features and atmosphere offering informal working space for financial intermediaries.


In addition, plans to initiate the following strategic developments, aiming to:

  • consolidate the market of  IFAs;
  • establish an active presence in Geneva to link Swiss financial industry with investment opportunities in Emerging Europe;
  • develop the first green financial group in Poland;
  • initiate strategic ventures focusing on financial education for children and loyalty saving programme for adults;
  • focus on sustainability and social entrepreneurship;
  • foster impact investment and venture philanthropy projects. 
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